Traditional Texas Barbecue Slow Smoked with local Oak


Our  Story

     Our Story begins as many greats start, in a backyard with two lawn chairs and a hand built, offset smoker built from propane tanks. Casey and I met shortly after I moved to Fairhope from Austin, TX in 2015 and we smoked brisket and pork just about every weekend that we weren’t grinding away at our day jobs. After a few cooler beers and constant talk of smoking meats, we decided to start a community barbecue where we invited neighbors, friends and family. Through word of mouth, the news that we were doing barbecue old school quickly grew and before we knew it, we were feeding around 80-100 people at our bbq’s. That’s when we decided to build a barbecue trailer and give the barbecue business a shot. After about a year of strict devotion to the craft and building the barbecue trailer we opened our doors in the warehouse district of Fairhope, Alabama. Lines formed and we were selling out of around 200 pounds everyday in a short while.    

Which brings us to present…


   With our high quality barbecue flying out of the trailer, we looked to expanding our operation and after three short months we bought a Texas Oyler which is a wood fire only, rotisserie smoker to handle more quantity and moved into a brick and mortar location June 30th of 2018, located in downtown Fairhope.


   Our dedication to the craft of smoking meats is a dedication that is long hours, constant learning, and a quality control above none other. We researched extensively to only bring in the highest quality and most humanely kept meats available on the market. Creekstone Farms Black Angus brisket and Compart Duroc pork are our showcase meats and their programs are the top in the nation. Barbecue is a 24 hour business and to do it right it takes dedication that is Texarbama Barbecue.


Thank you,

Bradley Parmer



Bradley Parmer






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Please call 251.270.7250 to place your order.

Any orders over 5 pounds must be called in a day before pickup.

The Alamo

1/4 lb. Brisket, 1/4# Pork and 1/2 Rack of Ribs

2 Pint Sides, 2 Pints Banana Pudding

Pickles, onions, and 1/2 loaf of bread


Serves 3-4

The Stampede

2 lb. Brisket & Pork and Full Rack of Ribs

4 Pint Sides, 4 Pints Banana Pudding

Pickles, onions, and a full loaf of bread


Serves 12-15

The Walker Texas Ranger

5 lb. Brisket, 5 lb. Pork, 2 lb. Turkey and Full Rack of Ribs

1/2 Pan Side, 1/2 Pan Banana Pudding

Pickles, onions, and a 3 loaves of bread


Serves 25-30

Meat By The Pound

Black Angus Brisket

Market Price

Duroc Pork

$19.00 per pound

Smoked Turkey

$20.00 per pound


$18.00 per pound

TexarBama Beef Sausage

$22.00 per pound

Duroc Jalapeno/Cheddar Sausage

$23.00 per pound

Chopped Beef

$19.50 per pound

Duroc Ribs

$15.00 1/2 Rack  $30.00 Full Rack

1/2 Pan Desserts/9" Pies

1/2 Pan Sides

Banana Pudding, Tres Leches, Peanut Butter Pie,

Chocolate Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie

Lemon Icebox Pie


Serves 20-25

Coleslaw, Tater Salad, Honey Jalapeno Lime Slaw,

Texas Corn, Collards, Pinto Beans, Macaroni Salad,

Smoked Mac-N-Cheese


Serves 20-25



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212 1/2 Fairhope Avenue

Fairhope, Alabama 36532


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