Bag of Chicharrones…$4.50
Chips or Chicharonnes with Queso…$6.50
Cowboy Queso…$12.50
Loaded with sour cream, salsa, guac, Texas caviar and Black Angus brisket. Served w/ chips and/or Chicharonnes
Fried Pickles/Jalapenos w/ BBQ Ranch…$6.50
Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos…$8.50
Jalapenos halved & stuffed with brisket, pickled red onion, gouda & cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon
Frito Pie… Mini $6.50…. Large $10.95
Served in the bag, Fritos topped w/ pinto beans, pickled jalapenos, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, sour cream, cilantro, diced red onion and smothered in sweet BBQ sauce
Sweet Meat Muffins (Limited)…. $6.50
Stuffed w/ corn, peppers, cheese, & sausage
Loaded Tater logs…$7.50
Tater logs loaded with cheese, bacon, pickled jalapeno, sour cream and white BBQ sauce


Mix of Iceberg and Romaine lettuce. Add any meat for $3.50
Beaumont chopped salad…$9.00
Loaded w/ cheddar, tomato, cucumber, chopped egg, and smoked bacon. Served with house made Ranch
Church Street Salad…$9.00
Topped w/ fresh cut strawberries, goat cheese, and candied Baldwin County pecans. Served w/ house made Strawberry Vinaigrette
House Salad…$6.00
Topped w/ shredded carrot, cherry tomato, sliced red onion. Your choice of dressing
Dressings: House Made Ranch, Bbq Ranch, Strawberry Vinaigrette,
Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Thousand Island

Loaded brisket tater…$12.50
A generous sized baked potato, buttered and stuffed with cheese, bacon, pickled red onion and piled high w/ brisket and Texas Red BBQ sauce
Loaded pork Sweet tater…$12.50
Texas sized sweet tater slathered w/ cinnamon butter, stuffed w/ candied pecans, candied bacon, pulled pork and smothered w/ sweet BBQ sauce
Plain tater…$6.50
Served with butter and sour cream

All plates come w/ two sides (Sub side salad for side...$1.99)
All platters are just meat, loaf bread, pickles and onions
Choose: Black Angus brisket, pulled pork, shredded chicken, smoked turkey, chopped beef, (2) pork spareribs, Texarbama beef sausage, Duroc jalapeno
cheddar sausage

1 Meat plate…$11.95
2 Meat plate…$16.95
3 Meat plate…$21.95
4 Meat plate…$26.95

4 Meat Sampler platter…$24.00

Texas Sampler Platter (ALL THE MEATS) …$48.95

IND. $3.00    PINT $7.25    QUART $14.50
SIDE SAMPLER… (4) $11.95    (6) $16.95    (8) $22.95

Traditional Coleslaw
Pinto Beans
Smoked Mac-N-Cheese
Tater Salad

Honey Jalapeno Lime Slaw 

Texican Corn

Macaroni Salad

Collard Greens

Premium Compart Duroc Spareribs

Half rack (6 bones).… $15.00
Full rack (12-13 bones) …. $30.00
Per Rib… $3.50

Black Angus Brisket… $22.00 per pound
Premium Pulled pork… $19.00 per pound
Smoked Turkey Breast… $20.00 per pound
Smoked Chicken… $18.00 per pound
Chopped Beef… $19.50 per pound
Texarbama Brisket Sausage… $22.00 per pound
Duroc jalapeno Cheddar Sausage… $23.00 per pound

The Gutbuster… $16.95
A bed of Texas caviar topped with Fritos and Texas Red BBQ sauce piled high with ¼# of brisket, ¼# pulled pork and a ¼# link of Texarbama brisket sausage. Topped with pickled red onion, pickled jalapeno, cotija cheese, and garnished w/ cilantro. Served on a brioche bun
The Texan… $14.00
A ½# of Black Angus brisket, piled high with pickled red onion, pickled jalapeno and cotija cheese. Served on brioche bun
Hawaiian Pork… $13.95
A ½# pulled pork doused in our signature Hawaiian teriyaki sauce and topped with a grilled pineapple slice, served on a brioche bun
Turkey B.L.T. …$9.50
A ¼# of our delicious smoked Turkey with lettuce, tomato, and smoked bacon. Served w/ garlic aioli on Texas Toast
¼# Meat Sandwich (meat only) … $8.50
½# Meat Sandwich (meat only) … $12.50

 Served on your choice of brioche bun or Texas toast

Street Style Tacos… (2) $6.00
Your choice of brisket, pork, or chicken w/ an onion, cilantro, lime mix served on corn tortilla
El Gourdo (fat) Taco… $8.95
Your choice of a 1/3# of brisket, pork, chicken or turkey pilled w/ honey jalapeno lime slaw, Texas caviar, guacamole, cilantro and cotija cheese
Build Your Own Damn Taco…$7.50
Your choice of any meat and choose (2) toppers
Honey Jalapeno Lime Slaw, Traditional Coleslaw, Guacamole, Pickled Red Onion, 
Salsa, Texas Caviar, Candied Bacon or Smoked Bacon

All burgers cooked to order in smoked brisket and pork fat.
Served on a brioche bun and comes with tater wedges
(sub regular side ... $1.75)

All American… $11.95

(2) certified Angus beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle w/ American cheese and garlic aioli
Bacon Swiss Burger… $12.95
(2) certified Angus beef patties, lettuce, tomato, bacon, swiss w/ garlic aioli
Bama Burger… $12.50
One certified Angus beef patty, ¼# pulled pork and a pile of coleslaw,
topped with Texas Gold BBQ sauce
Plain Jane… (1 patty) $8.50   (2 patty) $10.00
Mayo, Mustard, ketchup on the side. (Add cheese slice … $1.00)
Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk for foodborne illness.

All Quesadillas come with peppers, onions and sour cream unless otherwise specified.
JUST Cheese Quesadilla… $6.00
Caviar Quesadilla… $7.95
Quesadilla with cheddar cheese, Texas Caviar, onion and peppers, served with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.
Meat Quesadilla… $9.00
Your choice of pork, turkey, chopped beef, chicken, Texarbama brisket sausage, Duroc jalapeno cheddar sausage.
Brisket Quesadilla… $10.50
Black Angus Brisket served with sour cream, guacamole and salsa, The good stuff

The Kids Gotta Eat Menu (12 & under)
Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo upon request
All White Meat Chicken Nuggets (5) … $3.50
All Natural Turkey Corndog… $3.50
Mini Cheese Quesadilla… $2.50  (Add Chicken For $1.50 More)
Tater Wedges (Small Order) … $2.00
Plain Mac-N-Cheese (2oz) … $1.50

Ask your server about daily/weekly dessert specials when available.
Banana Pudding… $6.50
Homemade, better than granny’s
Tres Leche… $7.00
A Mexican delight. Three milk cake with whipped topping and strawberries
Peanut Butter Bacon Cookie Ice Cream Sammich… $6.00
(Seasonal April-Oct) Blue Bell ice cream between two PBB cookies
Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop… (1) $2.00 (2) $3.75

WEEKEND SPECIALS (No Substitutions)
Saturday: Nacogdoches Nachos… $13.50
Loaded nachos topped with pinto beans, queso, pickled jalapeno, diced tomatoes, salsa, cheddar cheese. Piled high with Pulled pork, topped with sour cream and guacamole. Adorned by two fried Duroc ribs.
Sunday: Chicken Fried Steak… $14.95
Top quality Certified Angus Beef chopped steak, double battered, fried and smothered in white pepper gravy. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and green beans.